Established since 2004 – NPO 050-511

We employ 3 educators to teach English Levels 1 and 2 as well as English Conversation by an English speaker. Classes are held at Addington Primary School where we have access to classrooms, each able to accommodate up to 45 learners. We currently teach 15 classes, 5 days a week between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. These times are to accommodate learners work arrangements as well as the need for some of the educators to get transport home to far off suburbs after class.

Our educators are ABET trained from Operation Upgrade. We offer learners the opportunity to formalize their training by arranging for them to sit exams set by Operation Upgrade.

We constantly seek additional sponsors and donations/ bursaries to assist with teacher training, teachers’ pay and equipping new learners with books etc.

The project is entirely free to learners and they are initially supplied with exercise books, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. Bursaries from Rotary to pay for educator’s wages enable the project to continue to supply learners with tuition and donations of stationery will help tremendously.

The teachers have been equipped with materials and equipment necessary to run classes from donations received.


The ABET Project

We believe that the impact of the project on the community is enormous as evidenced by the rapid increase in the numbers since 2004 when the Project started with a handful of learners in one small room. The learners are so motivated that they often request classes to continue during the ‘normal’ holidays.

Classes teach practical life skills such as form filling, banking, shopping, personal development and education, numeracy, letter writing, HIV/AIDS awareness, going to the doctor, reading to children etc and learners are thus able to participate in society to a greater extent.