Established since 2004 – NPO 050-511

We provide 3 English literacy teachers who teach 75 students English Literacy 5 nights per week over a 9 month-period. 80% of students reach full literacy within 18 months.

At the end of each year, successful students are awarded grades of literacy certification, as well as gifts of encouragement, dictionaries, trophies, etc.

Our target group is the community in the vicinity of the Durban Beachfront CBD area which comprises all culture and income groups and is very diverse.

To assess more accurately who would be interested in adult literacy classes, we conducted a straw poll in March 2004 and found 33 interested people. We subsequently held 3 public meetings to assess the potential. These meetings were held on the beachfront at different times of the day, in different languages and drew enough people to get 28 Assessment forms completed by June 2004.

On analysis by operation upgrade (an NGO with 40 years’ experience in the field of literacy), it was found that nearly all of the potential learners were unable to communicate well in English and most of them were refugees from central Africa.