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Hello friends,

I have been given a great gift –   a wall plaque for our office which says:  “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

What inspiring words for our team as we start our last term for 2017.  The culmination of this year, which we started “on a wing and a prayer” has tested our faith but proved that our prayers have been answered.   Various donors have responded, and we have enough funds to carry us through to next year.

Due to circumstances, our outreach plan to take certain classes to hotel employees has not materialized, but we will make a plan if the need is there.

The teachers and pupils are now working hard for the final exams which will be written in November.   Gideon will be overseeing the students and teachers, and once the results are known, they will prepare the certificates to be given out at our graduation party in early December.   This party is held in our Addington Methodist Church Hall from 6 pm to 9 pm, and yummy refreshments are served by our church members.  In other words, we have a wonderful time.

We welcome our new secretary, Siphumelele, who has just joined us and will be a great help to us all. I would also like to thank our administrative board, who, at our monthly meeting, keep things together for us.   They are business people, who give their time to volunteer their expertise to help us.   Without our administrators, teachers, church, and donors we would not be here.

Thank you all

We do encourage anyone who would be interested to visit our school or attend our graduation party to contact us.   Our website  and email :-

God bless

June Morris

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