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The Steve Morris Literacy Project was started by the Presbyterian Beach Mission Church in Durban, KZN, South Africa in 2004 to bring the love of God through Jesus Christ to the Durban Beachfront community. This coincided with a desire by the Morris family to improve the English literacy of a Zulu friend and to create an ABET programme to uplift members of the local community so that they would be better able to find work.

Frequently local press reports and editorials at the time (and since) drawing attention to the enormous numbers of illiterate people in KwaZulu Natal Province spurred our efforts: there are said to be more than 1.5 million of them in KwaZulu Natal out of a population of 10 million.

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My school is the weapon of success. I didn’t know how to greet anyone in English, but now I know Before I joined the Steve Morris Literacy Project, I couldn’t even say hello. I used to say  “ Good morning” at night and “ Good evening” in the morning. I would call anyone my friend even though I was applying for a job and people would simply laugh at me. Now I know and I can know what I am through communicating with anyone countrywide. Power, Power, Power to pass interviews of my careers and get jobs easily, because of languages. I am so proud, proud of my school, proud of my sponsors, proud of my teachers and fellow students. Remain Steve Morris Literacy Project, Remain forever. I thank you SMLP for the opportunity you have given me to learn English free of charge.

Innocent Kwibe Testimonial

Innocent Kwibe
Steven Morris Literacy project helped me a lot to improve my English knowledge in such way I couldn’t imagine. The effort I put by going every evening to the Literacy center brought me a bright future. SMLP’s splendid and spacious environment of studying opened for me a free way to a good access to what I needed from English. Teachers did all that they could do for my good. Their names and dedication will remain engraved in my mind forever namely Gideon Ebonde Musato. He has been a great teacher and mentor. I would like to say many thanks for your time and your good way of doing things.

Rashidi Muzaliwa Daddy Testimonial

Rashidi Muzaliwa Daddy
I’m Basinza Lebon, I’m 25 years old, originated from DR Congo, I’m a former student of SMLP. It was for me a dream to find myself in South Africa, I couldn’t believe that one day I’ll be able to be fluent in expressing myself in English the way sometimes I try to challenge few of my friends to rate my capacity….though I’m a French speaker since I joined the Steve Morris Literacy Project(SMLP)classes, I really was excited to be in the midst of people that have the same dream and have got the love for the language. SMLP took care of us in every single moment of our training, showed us, love, was friendly to us, courteous, it pushed, helped us to go forward, encouraged and motivated us to know English in all cases. Personally, it’s a deed that’s incised in my mind and the one I’ll remain grateful for my entire life. As they say: “A child without education is like a bird without wings”. I for sure was ignorant before I join the SMLP classes, and finally, I agreed with those who said that the language is the key to all opportunities whenever we are. This is a fact I’ll remember for years and that will never come out of my mind. Oh! I’m speechless to say all but all I have to say is from the depth of my heart I thank the SMLP staff for adding up something new in my life!!

Basinza Lebon Testimonial

Basinza Lebon First